The War

The War

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The Society is currently involved in a war on their borders.

The day after the summer hiking group ends, Ky is taken away in handlocks by Officials. The Official tells the gathered crowd that he has been offered a work position in another Province. However, Patrick Markham tells the crowd that the workers are actually being sent to the Outer Provinces to fight. He continues by telling everyone that the war with the Enemy is not going the way the Society wants it to. More people are needed to fight and the Aberrations are being sent first. The Enemy is winning the war. After the outburst from Patrick the Officials have to remove Aida and Patrick from the scene with force.

Decoy Villagers

Ky and the others are kept in holding camps until they are shipped off to villages where the Society waits for the Enemy to kill them. The Society wants the Enemy to think that the Outer Provinces are still inhabited. They are told that if they do their time in the villages for six months they will be given Citizen status.

Cassia's work camp is sent to the same village that Ky and Vick leave. Each girl is given an extra set of black plainclothes, a black coat, a canteen, a flashlight and a pack to carry everything.

They have been told by the Society that they are not to harm one another.


The Decoy villagers are given guns, but their ammunition isn't real.

Airships are equipped with guns that fire down at the decoy villagers. The air ships are also equipped with the ability to shoot canisters that explode. Ky is able to use the powder inside canisters that didn't blow up to turn the Society issued guns into grenades.