The Society

The Society

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History of the Society

Life in previous societies were very uncertain. Death could be very unpredictable. The elderly suffered from diseases and depression when they reached old age.

Before the Society, there was too much technology which had disastrous consequences.

The Society has found that staying healthy is part of what gives citizens an optimal life span. Dementia, heart disease, cancer and most other illnesses have been removed. There are no longer genetic mutations such as albinism and color blindness.

Officials used to carry weapons, but now that there is the threat of reclassification it is no longer needed. The Society did away with the death penalty.

Homes and Churches used to be decorated with stained glass.

Cassia wonders if the Society allowed the Anomaly out that killed the Markham boy on purpose.


The insignia of the highest level of government is three golden stars which is worn on a white uniform. The leader of the Government is a Single.

Rules in the Society

The Society has rules to maintain order. Some of these rules include:

No Running

No sharing of food at the Final Banquet

Members of the Society have to abide by curfews. There is a warning bell that rings five minutes before curfew.

All food preperation, distribution and clean up cannot be handled by machines. Only people are allowed to complete these tasks.

Picking flowers is forbidden.

Growing food without Government authorization is forbidden.

Trading is not allowed.


In the Society there is no money.