The Experiment

The Experiment

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The experiment between Ky and Cassia began when Officials decided to put Ky into the Matching pool. The chances of Ky matching with Cassia were virtually impossible so the Official in charge of the experiment wanted to keep it going to see what data they could collect. They showed Cassia the photo of Ky so she would be curious about the situation. The Officials put them into the same hiking group and later made sure they were paired together.

Cassia learns that they even reduced her food portions to see if it would cause her more stress and give up on a chance with Ky. They made sure she still had sufficient calories for her daily activities. Cassia remained strong and didn't even take a green tablet.

Eventually Officer Standler wanted the experiment to play out completely so that she could write an article showing the validity of Matching. She needed additional information from her which is why she allowed Cassia to not take a red tablet with everyone else the morning they took Ky away.

None of the Officials involved told Xander, but they tell Ky to warn him. Although this warning was just like putting Ky's face on Cassia's microcard. They did this to see if he would try to become closer to Cassia. The pair was watched closely, except when they were on both the Hill and the smaller hill.

The experiment would have continued, but Officer Standler is needed elsewhere. However, she doesn't have all the information that she would like. Officer Standler proposes Cassia an alternative for her family if she provides the details the Officials could not find out. She tells her that Cassia could have a work position in the city and her family will not have to go to the Farmlands in another Province. This proposal reminds Cassia of the prisoner's dilemma and she doesn't reveal the kiss she shared with Ky.

Cassia learns that Officer Standler does not know exactly how Ky ended up in the Matching pool. She says that the Officials on the experiment did this, but Cassia can tell this is a lie.