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Datatags are placed behind the ears and inside the neck of a shirt with a special gel that stings. They are worn to monitor body changes such as pulse. They are also worn on specific nights to monitor dreams. If the sleeper has recurring dreams or nightmares, data might show that they are obsessing over something.

Microcards store information.


Ports are a communication hub. Video calls are made over the ports, sometimes the caller on the port will request private communication. When the message is private, an earpiece is used. Announcements at the schools are made over ports. Games can also be played on ports. Ports also track and keeps watch of households. A portscreen is used to play the games and view communication.

Some ports have a printing ability. The paper that is used doesn't last more than a couple of months.

There are also smaller versions approximately the size of datapods called miniports. These are also used as a communication device that can be worn on a belt loop.


Datapods are used to enter and store information. The hiking group Officer uses one to track when the hikers reach their destination. They can also be used to track deliveries of packages, sometimes a fingerprint is required to accept a delivery.


A scribe is what students in school use to write on. School assignments are completed on scribes. Cassia is able to create games on a scribe for Bram. Scribes are given to students on their first day of First School.


Readers are given to students on their first day of First School.


A tracker may be used to run on much like people used to run on outdoor tracks. It also gets its name because it tracks information about the person using the machine. It analyzes the workout to let Officials know how you use it. It has a screen which shows the user what will be coming up in the program, such as a simulated hill. The screen can also flash warnings to the user in case they exceed their optimal heart rate or run faster than they should. The tracker is able to detect when a user stops using the machine.

Other Electronics

There are earpieces that some Officials wear in their ears while on duty.