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Each member of the Society is required to have three tablets on them at all times: one blue tablet, one red tablet, and one green tablet. Usually tablets are kept in metal cylinders. Citizens know what the blue and green tablets do, but not many people do not know what the red tablet does.

Higher level Officials carry extra tablets in case of an emergency. If someone drops their tablet container, everyone must stop what they're doing until they find it. Parents carry their child's tablets until they're old enough. Carrying their own tablet is the first step towards independence. Aberrations aren't allowed to carry tablets of their own.

Blue Tablets

Blue tablets are received when children turn ten. The Society says that the tablet has enough nutrients to keep them alive for several days if they have water as well. However, this is not true. If a person ingests one blue tablet, they will become ill and die unless they receive medical attention from the Society. If they take more than one at once, they die quickly.

Green Tablets

At age thirteen, you are given a green tablet. Green tablets automatically calm you, which is especially nice if you're having an anxiety attack. You can take it up to once a week without the Officials taking notice.

Red Tablets

Finally, at age sixteen you are given your third and final tablet-- the red tablet. You can not take the red tablet unless an Official tells you to. There have always been rumors that the red tablet kills you, and the Officials have always said that it does not. As Cassia finds out when Ky is being taken away, all the red tablet does is clear your mind. The effects of the tablet happen almost immediately, and the events of the past twelve hours are forgotten. Many people are immune to the effects of the tablet, including Ky Markham and Xander Carrow.

Apart from Ky's abduction, there has been one other time in Cassia's lifetime that required Officials to make citizens use their red tablets. Xander knows what happened, but will not tell Cassia.

Red tablets are taken after traumatic events. The Society picks and chooses which events they want you to remember, and which will cause you to think badly of the Society. For example, after Matthew Markham died no tablet was required to be taken. This was so each member of Society would remember that an Anomaly will kill you, and that if the Society were to fail, you would be in danger. However, when Patrick Markham began to tell the truth about the War, he was silenced. Each member of Mapletree Borough who was on the street watching Ky being taken away had to take their red tablet, so that they would forget about the War and the way Ky went.