The Hundreds Database

The Hundreds Database

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Back when the Society felt culture was too cluttered, they created the Hundred Committee to choose the 100 best paintings, poems, songs and stories. During this time, Archivists knew that what wasn't selected would be destroyed, so they worked at saving what they could. These are stored on illegal ports that they designed themselves.

Although the Society has only chosen 100 poems to save, there are some unauthorized pieces of poetry that are not a part of the Hundreds Database. Grandfather gives Cassia "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Dylan Thomas and "Crossing the Bar" by Alfred Lord Tennyson at his Final Banquet. Ky gives Cassia a stanza of "Poem in October" by Dylan Thomas as a late birthday gift.

Hundred Paintings

Number Nineteen Thomas Moran Chasm of the Colorado Cassia had to do a presentation on this painting for her Culture class.

Hundred Poems

Cassia's great-grandmother was a cultural historian who helped choose the Hundred Poems almost seventy years ago.

Included Poems

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost

"The Moon" by Henry David Thoreau

A unnamed poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Official Matched website also lists the following as part of the Hundred Poems.

The Charge of The Citizens of Society

Hundred Songs

Ky explains to Cassia that the voices of the singers is not real. The voice is generated to sound perfect while also making it sound authentic by adding in the sound of the singer breathing.

The Hundred Songs chosen by the Society are complicated and engineered so that most people cannot sing them. The Anthem of the Society is one of the only songs that most citizens can sing in tune. The anthem contains a soprano line that most people cannot sing. It also has a bass line, but the easy part to sing is the alto and tenor lines of the song.

The Official Matched website lists the following as part of the Hundred Songs.

The Anthem of the Society

Exactly Like You

My Romance

Hundred Stories

The Official Matched website lists the following as part of the Hundred Stories.

A Piece of String

The Lottery

The Glorious Beginning of the Society

Hundred History Lessons

When Molly told Cassia about Queen Anne's lace, Molly believed it was named after someone from one of these lessons.