Plant Life

Plant Life

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Queen Anne's lace is a flower that grew in the Farmlands of Oria with a white, lacy flower. It's also known as wild carrot and the root is edible when it is young.

Newroses are planted throughout the City in gardens and public places. These are very hardy and used everywhere because they are easy to care for.

Oldroses weren't as hardy and took a lot of care in order to blossom.

Sego lilies are a white flower that was being cultivated in an unnamed Province that Molly had to research for work.

White lilies also grow in the Society, but where they grow is unknown. They are used in centerpieces in City Hall for the Match Banquet.


During Cassia's work detail in one of the Western Provinces, she is planting an unnamed experimental crop.

The Aberration's sent to the Outer Provinces work as decoy farmers. In Ky's home village they work on planting cotton even though it is too late in the season for it.


Mapletree Borough is known for the maple trees that grow there. Their leaves can be gold, green and red and fall off in autumn. One day Cassia awakes to the sound of saws cutting down the trees. Molly explains that it is because of they do not grow uniformly and the leaves are messy.

Cottonwood trees used to grow in a grove near the river but were removed to make room for better trees. Their wood was good for carving. Their seeds resemble snow flakes and catch on everything in the wind.