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In the Society, those who choose to be matched will be invited to a Match Banquet when they are seventeen years old. Officials oversee the process who choose matches based on a variety of information. The matching system is important and well regulated. The system is in place to help create physically and emotionally healthy offspring.

The features in the matching pool include blue, brown, gray and hazel eyes as well as black, brown, blond and red hair.

Matches used to be able to print photos of their match from the port instead of having to wait until the first meeting. Often, there is port-to-port communication prior to their first in-person meeting. The arranged communication is supervised by an Official. This in-person meeting takes place five months after the Match Banquet and usually occurs close to the girl's home and is also supervised by an Official.

While most of the other matched citizens had their first meeting via port-to-port communication, Cassia and Xander were allowed to have a supervised outing together instead. A report is filed with the Matching Committee after these meetings.

Official Matching material

"Almost ninety-three percent of those attending their Match Banquet exhibit some signs of nervousness." (Page 4)

"If you choose to be Matched, your Marriage Contract will take place when you are twenty-one. Studies have shown that the fertility of both men and women peaks at the age of twenty-four. The Matching System has been constructed to allow those who Match to have their children near this age - providing for the highest likelihood of healthy offspring." (Page 18)

"The goal of Matching is twofold: to provide the healthiest possible future citizens for our Society and to provide the best chances for interested citizens to experience successful Family Life. It is of the utmost importance to the Society that the Matches be as optimal as possible." (Page 44)

On Singles: "Please consider carefully whether you are a good candidate to be Matched. Remember, Singles are equally important in the Society. As you are aware, the current Leader of the Society is a Single. Both Matched and Single citizens experience full and satisfying lives. However, children are only allowed to be born to those who choose to be Matched." (Page 46)

Matching Statistics

"Almost 78% of teenagers who are Matched have some kind of youthful fling. And most of these occur within the year or so after matching." (Page 245)

Courtship Guidelines

Matches are allowed to express affection for one another through activities like hand holding and kissing.

Marriage Contract

The Marriage Contract takes place when a person is twenty-one. This is so they can have children near the age of twenty-four. No one is allowed to have children after their thirty-first birthday.

The rings for the Contract are held in the same silver box that the Matched microcards sit in. The rings are only used for the ceremony and are given back along with the micocard at the Contract celebration.