Match Banquet

Match Banquet

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The Match Banquet is held in City Halls all across the country on the 15th of every month for those that wish to be matched. You can be called for your Banquet anytime during the year after you turn seventeen. The first Match Banquet you attend is your own. Therefore younger siblings are unable to attend the Match Banquet of older siblings. Official Match Material is handed out to those considering being matched.


Clothing for the Match Banquet is given at the distribution center. Boys wear tuxedos and may only choose the color of their shirts and cravats. Girls are able to choose between a number of dresses. Pink is the most popular color for dresses for Cassia's Match Banquet. Dress colors available are pink, red, gold, green, violet and blue. Every gown is designed with a special interior panel that allows for pieces to be cut off so each wearer can have a memento of the event.


The outside of city hall is lit up with blue and white lights to signal that a celebration is taking place. Tables are decorated with white lily centerpieces, white tablecloths, white napkins, silver forks, china plates and crystal glasses.


In order to be able to eat anything at the Match Banquet, calories are modified all week. The menu includes roasted vegetables, meat, greens and cream cheese, bread and chocolate cake for dessert.


The Matched Banquet occurs on the 15th of every month. Those eligible to be matched can be called up anytime after they turn seventeen. Matches are announced in alphabetical order according to the girls' last name. The girl is presented on a stage, with a screen backdrop behind her showing a boy and girl smiling at one another. When it is time for the match to be revealed, the face of the boy is shown on the screen. In very rare circumstances, the screen will appear dark which means the match is in City Hall. After the person sees their match, they are handed a silver box with a microcard and the courtship guidelines inside. The microcard includes information such as photos of their match as a child and a list of their favorite things.


Although girls are not allowed to keep their dresses, the dress is designed to allow a piece of the fabric to be preserved for the wearer. This piece is delivered after the Match Banquet to their home and comes enclosed in clear glass within a silver frame. Members of the Society are told that if the glass breaks, the dress piece would disintegrate.