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All number in parenthesis refer to the page number the quote appears. The pages correlate with the US hardback release.

"Now that I've found a way to fly, which direction should I go into the night?" (1)

"I wish you optimal results." (8)

"It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures." (11)

"How can we appreciate anything fully when overwhelmed with too much?" (29)

"Every minute you spend with someone gives them a part of your life and takes part of theirs." (65)

"Remembering is part of thinking, but not all of it." (67)

"No one should die alone." (70)

"Are you congratulating me on my life, or on my death?" (76)

"Oh yes. His voice has music." (86)

"There's a reason they didn't keep this poem. This poem tells you to fight." (98)

"What is it about your voice that makes me want to hear you speak?" (109)

"In the absence of real thunder, he's making his own." (122)

"I wonder if I will ever have the strength to hold onto something... Or if I will always be someone who destroys." (179)

"Is falling in love with someone's story the same thing as falling in love with the person himself?" (196)

"I like the places where one part meets another, I think, eyes to cheek, wrist to hands." (211)

"Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that." (216)

"Ky can play this game. He can play all of their games, including the one in front of him that he just lost. He knows exactly how to play, and that's why he loses every time." (230)

"Even if he didn't live his story, enough of us have lives just like it. So it's true anyway." (236)

"But if you were Matched," I say softly, "What do you think she'd be like?"

"You," he says, almost before I've finished. "You." (241)

"They are giving us pieces of a real life instead of the whole thing." (249)

"And I'll tell her that I don't want my life to be samples and scraps. A taste of everything but a meal of nothing." (249)

"That’s how I know they are dreams. Because the simple and plain and everyday things are the ones that we can never have." (260)

"Our time together feels like a storm, like a wild wind and rain, like something too big to handle but too powerful to escape." (267)

"Did the poet know how lucky he was, to have such beautiful words and a place to put them and keep them?" (271)

"Why are some things easier to write than say?" (275)

"But red is the first color of spring. It's the real color of rebirth. Of beginning." (289)

"Once you want something, everything changes. Now I want everything. More and more and more." (300)

"I came up on the screen, too, Cassia. But he was the one you chose to see." (306)

"So in the middle of all the noise, I point to the sky. I hope he understands what I mean, because I mean so many things: My heart will always fly his name. I won't go gentle. I'll find a way to soar like the angels in the stories and I will find him. And I know he understands as he looks straight at me, deep into my eyes. His lips move silently, and I know what he says: the words of a poem that only two people in the world know. Tears well up but I blink them away. Because if there is one moment in my life that I want to see clearly, this is it." (320)

"His lips move silently, and I know what he says: the words of a poem that only two people in the world know." (321)

"We could have been happy. I know that, and it is perhaps the hardest thing to know." (364)


I know which life is my real one now, no matter what happens. It's the one with you. For some reason, knowing that even one person knows my story makes things different. Maybe it's like the poem says. Maybe this is my way of not going gentle. I love you." (364)

"I think of how perhaps the best way to fly would be with hands full of earth, so you always remember where you came from." (365)