Life in the Society

Life in the Society

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There is not a lot of variety in clothing choices for those living in the Society. Youth all wear the same clothes. Brown plainclothes are worn by students. Dark blue plainclothes are worn by those who have received their permanent work positions. Officials dress in all white. Citizens are given two extra sets of plainclothes, pajamas, underwear and socks. There is black swimwear for swimming activities. Hats are also available. Winter boots are available in addition to normal footwear. Socks are made of wool. Decoy Villagers in the Outer Provinces wear black plainclothes, black boots, and a special black coat. The black coats are filled with blue and red waterproof wires that work as a warming mechanism. A small, silver, fireproof disk records information such as pulse, hydration levels, and when the user dies.

Special Occasions For those being matched, boys wear tuxedos and may only choose the color of their shirts and cravats. The girls borrow their dresses and a piece is taken from the inside to send to them later as a memento.


Most citizens receive their vocation at some point when they are seventeen. If a citizen hasn't received their work position, they will work where they are needed until they are assigned a permanent position.


Air Cars, which are small and white, are used by Officials.

Air Trains are silvery-white, provide quick transportation over short distances and are always on time. There are metal stairs leading up to the stations where citizens can board the train. An announcement is made to let riders know what stop they are at.

Long distance air trains are gray and only depart from the City Center station.

Air ships have slick surfaces, hard chairs and belts to strap passengers in. The only windows are located in the pilots compartment. Air ships were used to transport decoy villagers to new locations.


Food is delivered to every person and household in foilware containers formulated to each person's nutritional needs. There are exceptions for holidays and celebrations such as the Match and Final Banquet. Breakfast usually consists of grey-brown oatmeal and may include dry triangles of toast. At the special Saturday activity, the youth ate a meat and veggie casserole. Cassia and Xander are served noodles with sauce at their supervised outing at the dining hall.

Nutrition specialists prepare the food. The meals are delivered by a nutrition vehicle that rides on tracks behind the houses.

Foilware containers may have numbers on the sides of them which can be scanned to record information onto a persons datacard. Foilware containers are placed in the recycling bin when they're finished. There is a chime notification to alert a meals arrival. Members drink from water bottles which are cleaned in a sterilizer.


In the Society, there are multiple options for entertainment. Members of the society are given Free recreation hours on Saturdays which can be spent listening to playing games at the game center, viewing a showing or listening to music.


Unlike the other works in the Hundreds Database, new showings are released in showing theaters.

One showing involved the beginnings of the Society. In this film, the camera sweeps over various landscapes across the Provinces, the audience likely cheers for their Province when it appears on the screen. These kinds of images make the citizens feel proud of the Society. The film then shows what life was before the Society was formed. It shows how the matching system came into place. The ending features what it would be like living without the Society. It features a run down area with small houses and a few actors that appear to be in bad shape. Suddenly, black aircraft appear and it seems as though the aircraft fires upon them. The film shows an actor laying on the ground with red stains on his clothing as the Anthem of the Society plays in the background. It ends with the same type of shots shown in the beginning.

Later, Ky tells Cassia that he cried during this showing because these showings are real footage with real people.


While running is not allowed outside, citizens may use a piece of equipment called a tracker, which may be used to run on much like people used to run on outdoor tracks. It also gets its name because it tracks information about the person using the machine. It analyzes the workout to let Officials know how you use it. It has a screen which shows the user what will be coming up in the program, such as a simulated hill.

Summer Leisure activities

There are several activities available for youth to sign up for in the summer. Various options include hiking, swimming


For Winter Holiday a traditional meal is served. Birthdays are also celebrated, but it is unknown how they are celebrated.