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The Society values the education of all residents. Beginning from a young age, students are prepared to become specialized in one area of expertise. No one knows how to do everything, though. Take farming for example; one person may know how to grow food, another may know how to prepare it, but neither can do both.

Members of the Society do not know how to write as they are never taught how. All notes are taken on scribes, most likely by the use of a virtual keyboard.

There are different pre-Schools, First Schools, and Second Schools for each city in each province.

All students wear brown plainsclothes until they receive their permanent work positions.

Students may receive warnings for being late to school.


Pre-School is a care center for children until they enter First School.

First School

First School is a member of the Society's first real educational experience. Children begin First School the autumn after they turn six. It's a huge leap towards independence. At the end of their first day, they get a small cake they can eat after dinner and brightly colored balloons. The first day is also the day students get their reader and scribe.

Students in First School draw a lot, but once they leave First School, members of the Society stop drawing although it is not forbidden.

When Cassia Reyes was in First School, her class went to the Museum for a tour. They ate in the dining all in the basement of the Museum. First School is one of the only times where the past is considered. The First School Cassia attended is a cheerful place. On the outside, there are freshly planted red newroses surrounding its cement block walls. Inside, there are bright yellow walls, green tile floors, and blue doors.

First School starts half an hour earlier than Second School, and students have school on Saturdays, unlike students at Second School. The inside of the school is painted bright yellow with green tiles on the floor and blue classroom doors. Newroses are planted outside.

Second School

For higher education, students attend Second School. The focus of Second School is the future. There is a chime sound signifies the start of class.

There are a variety of classes in Second School such as Language & Literacy, Applicable Sciences, and Culture. In Language & Literacy, students learn about the importance of composing concise messages when communicating via port. The Applicable Science class even has a botany pond in the middle of a greenspace. In one Science lesson, students learned about coral reefs in a tropical ocean simulation. In Second School there are diagrams of bodies and bones to show how ill citizens could become without the Society.

There is more than one Second School in the City.