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Citizens of the Society are allowed one registered artifact each. Many of these artifacts are inherited from their family members.

On the night of Cassia and Xander's first supervised outing, they return to their homes to discover that Officials are collecting all the artifacts. An Official explains that to maintain equality between the citizens of the Society, the Government is rounding up all the artifacts which will be put on display at the museum.

Cassia Reyes

Cassia's artifact is a small, golden compact that is engraved with the initials ACM and the numbers 1940. When opened, it reveals a mirror and a small crevice that she uses to store her tablets. The compact was given to her by Grandfather, as it once belonged to his mother. At Grandfathers Final Banquet, he gives her a slip of paper with words on it, which she hides inside the compact.

Xander Carrow

Xander does not own his own artifact, however he does borrow his fathers artifact, small platinum cuff links, for the Match Banquet.

Ky Markham

Ky's artifact is a working gold compass that can be opened and closed.

Bram Reyes

Bram's artifact is a broken watch which was handed down to him from Grandfather. It's silver with glass and hasn't worked in many years. At one point, Bram thinks the Officials could get a tissue sample from the watch to make up for the sample that Abran lost. After discovering that this will not work, he stores the watch in Cassia's silver box that she received at the Match Banquet.

Lea Abbey

Lea's artifact is a jeweled red bracelet that she wore with her red dress to the Match Banquet.