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doll bones

Book Title: Doll Bones
Author: Holly Black
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Zach, Poppy, and Alice have been friends forever. And for almost as long, they’ve been playing one continuous, ever-changing game of pirates and thieves, mermaids and warriors. Ruling over all is the Great Queen, a bone-china doll cursing those who displease her. But they are in middle school now. Zach’s father pushes him to give up make-believe, and Zach quits the game. Their friendship might be over, until Poppy declares she’s been having dreams about the Queen—and the ghost of a girl who will not rest until the bone-china doll is buried in her empty grave.

Zach and Alice and Poppy set off on one last adventure to lay the Queen’s ghost to rest. But nothing goes according to plan, and as their adventure turns into an epic journey, creepy things begin to happen. Is the doll just a doll or something more sinister? And if there really is a ghost, will it let them go now that it has them in its clutches?

What an absolutely fun read! Perfect for middle grade readers and adults alike, this was a quick but enjoyable read that brought me back to the games I used to play with my friends at that age. Our three main characters are trying to find their way into their adolescents, trying to figure out when it’s okay to leave their childhood games behind and even getting forced into adolescent being without being entirely ready.

Their game turns almost real life when Poppy tells Zach and Alice the true story behind their Great Queen, corralling them into joining her to a nearby town to help settle the ghostly spirit of the Great Queen. Going along with their journey, even as an adult, I kept trying to reconcile what I thought would happen, and what was happening on the page. There were some intense moments, stranger dangers, and even a cute look at childhood crushes. Doll Bones is a great story that genuinely held my interest from beginning to end. Holly is such a great author and this book is a excellent addition to her collection of books.

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Today Nyrae Dawn and Entangled Teen are revealing the cover for SEARCHING FOR BEAUTIFUL, which releases on March 4, 2014. Also enter below for a paperback of the book or an eBook!

On to the reveal!

Before, Brynn had a group of best friends, a loving boyfriend, a growing talent for pottery. She had a life. And after…she had none.

When Brynn lost the boyfriend who never loved her, the friends who feel she betrayed their trust, and the new life just beginning to grow inside her, she believes her future is as empty as her body. But then Christian, the boy next door, starts coming around. Playing his guitar and pushing her to create art once more. She meets some new friends at the local community center, plus even gets her dad to look her in the eye again…sort of.

But can Brynn open up her heart to truly find her life’s own beauty, when living for the after means letting go of the before?

Goodreads/Amazon/Barnes & Noble/

About Nyrae Dawn:

Writing has always been Nyrae Dawn’s passion. There have been times in her life where she wasn’t able to chase that dream the way she desired, but she always found her way back to telling stories. One of her loves has always been writing about teens. There’s something so fresh and fun about the age that she loves exploring. Her husband says it’s because she doesn’t want to grow up. She doesn’t think that’s such a bad thing and luckily for her, he doesn’t either.

Nyrae gravitates toward character-driven stories. She loves going on emotional journeys with characters whether it be reading or writing. And yes, she’s a total romantic at heart and proud. Nyrae resides in sunny Southern California with her husband (who still makes her swoon) and her two awesome kids. When she’s not with her family, you can be pretty sure you’ll find her with a book in her hand or her laptop and an open document in front of her.

She writes for Entangled Publishing, Grand Central Publishing and is self-published.

Nyrae is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel and Goderich Literary Management.


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Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill at Breaking the Spine, and gives us a chance to feature a book we’re waiting to read.

This week I’m dying for Cress by Marissa Meyer. From Goodreads:

In this third book in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together, they’re plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her army. Their best hope lies with Cress, who has been trapped on a satellite since childhood with only her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker – unfortunately, she’s just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice. When a daring rescue goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing stop her marriage to Emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only ones who can.

I fell in love with Cinder and Scarlet and absolutely cannot wait for Cress- especially with a Rapunzel theme!

Pre-Order: Amazon|Barnes & Noble| Indiebound


What are you waiting on this week?


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Looking to add some Cassia flair to your prom? Check out these MATCHED inspired prom dresses we found! Click the photo to see where you can buy each dress.

The pick up skirt on this first dress reminds me SO much of the skirt style of the Cassia dress, beautiful and available in sizes 2-28W and even custom sizes for only $114.24

This green beauty has a full skirt, corset back and flower and rhinestone embellishments, available in sizes 2-26W and sells for $219.

This beauty of a dress seems a bit less modest than what the Society would allow, but the icy green is perfect and the skirt looks easier to dance in! Also in size 2-26W and sells for $196.99
This simple green maxi dress would make a great dress for any formal occasion. The best feature? It’s price! It’s currently on clearance at Target for only $34.99. Available in sizes 2-24 (some sizes not currently in stock)
Want something much closer to the dress on the cover? In our interview with cover gal Samantha Aide, we learned that the dress is actually a Maggie Sottero wedding dress, style #J8031. Now, this item is widely unavailable but eagle eyed shoppers might spot it on ebay now and again.
Are you using a Cassia inspired dress from prom, show us the dress in your comments!

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Awesome news for Ally Condie fans! She will be appearing along side authors Shannon Hale and Stephanie Perkins for Margaret Stohl’s book tour for her upcoming book Icons. Ally will be at the Salt Lake City tour stop on May 14th at the King’s English.
Check out the Icons Tour tumblr for all the dates!

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Of Silver and Beasts (A Goddess Wars Novel)
Release Date: June 1, 2013
Genre: New Adult Dark Fantasy
Cover Reveal Organized by: YA Bound
Cover Designed by: Steven Novak
Summary from Goodreads:
In the sand-covered queendom of Cavan, the goddess once saved a young Kaliope’s life, preventing the mercury her father attempted to hide in her blood from reaching her heart. Now, a cybernetic clamp filters it, but the silver streaks swirling faintly beneath her skin are a constant reminder that she’s different.When nineteen-year-old Kaliope is chosen as head of the Nactue Guard, she becomes the sworn protector to her empress. In the midst of an invasion on a neighboring land, Kaliope is placed in charge of guarding Prince Caben, the last heir to his kingdom. But when they’re attacked by the feared Otherworlders, Caben and Kaliope are abducted and taken below to a realm where they must fight for their life in a caged arena.

Kaliope struggles to protect her princely charge, keeping him and herself alive while battling inhumanly opponents, and trying to save the stolen, sacred relic that will restore her empress’s life force and all of Cavan. And if she can somehow awaken the goddess within her, she may save what’s most important.




I open my mouth to say something comforting, but I’m unsure of what. In this moment, I’m
reminded that I know little about him. Other than the sarcasm and desire to understand nothing
of my queendom, he hasn’t allowed me past the surface.
But then, I have my own walls, hiding things I’d never want him or any other to know. And I
understand that need to hide them. You can’t trust anyone.
“Caben…” I start, but still can’t find the right words.
He lowers his hand from his face, never taking his eyes off the glinting water top. “You’re
right,” he finally says. “Let’s find the access to Lilly’s section.”
A hollow pang hits my chest, and I’m not sure why. Something in his voice sounds lost, broken.
I imagine the gears around my heart spinning faster, trying to keep up with my racing heart.
When he sidesteps me, I reach out and grab his arm. “Caben, I didn’t mean—”
“It’s fine, Kal,” he snaps. “We have work to do.”
“No, I’ve said something to offend you.” I drop my hand, but keep close to him, not allowing
him to leave my side. Goddess, trying to understand the male brain is harder than anything in
protector training. I’ve heard people say that you have to tip-toe around a woman’s emotions, but
a man’s ego is every bit as fragile, if not more so.
He releases a heavy breath through his nose and walks back to the pool. He sits down along the
edge and rolls up his pants, then slips off his boots. “I honestly don’t think Bax or his goons will
be returning tonight.” He sinks his bare feet into the water and sighs.
Glancing at the back of the cave, I plant my hands on my hips. We don’t have time for
indulgencies, but the prince is still my charge. If it were my empress, I’d give her anything she’d
ask for. Allow her as much time as she needed to collect herself. I have to watch over his mental
state as well as protect him, so I try to push the pending need to find Lilly aside and sit down
next to him.
“Here,” he says, turning his hand out near my crossed feet. “You have to feel this.”
A smile tugs at the corner of my mouth. “I can remove my own—”
“Have you never been pampered a day in your life?” he asks, lifting an eyebrow. “I know that
the Nactue are fierce and will put a hurt on any man for touching them. But try to relax.”
“Is that the rumor in Perinya?”
I bite my lip, suddenly regretting my blurt. “Nothing. Never mind.”
From the corner of my eye, I see his lips pucker into a pinched smile, as if he’s trying not
to. “Ah,” he says, like he’s made some great universal connection. “Well, there are many
whisperings about the Nactue. Some I dare not repeat for fear I’d leave here missing a limb, but
that’s one, yes.” He takes my booted foot and begins to unlace it. “I’ve heard that the empress’s
protectors are untouchable—forbidden to give themselves to men. And that they’ll snap a man’s
neck just for making an advance.”
My mouth drops open. Appalled, I counter, “That’s not true.”
“All right,” he says, as if he hasn’t just insulted my very existence. “It’s only rumors. Things
men jaw about in pubs. The unattainable woman is a fantasy, Kal. Don’t be offended.”
“Unattainable?” I grit my teeth, trying to maintain my composure. “Tell me, prince. Do men in
your country just go around bedding every woman they can in order to keep them compliant?” I
shake my head. “If their fantasy is a woman that would have nothing to do with them, it seems to
me it’s their way of feeding their egos after being rejected.”
His eyes widen. “No! How does your brain come up with these—” He bites off his words, his
lips thin as he presses them together. “Look, it was a joke.”
I nod, many times. “Another joke. I’m glad that our hard work and sacrifice is amusing to the
men of Perinya.”
Caben lets out another sigh and slowly pulls off my boot. His warm fingers skim my calf as he
inches up my pant leg. “Just stick your foot in,” he says, then adds lower, “while I stick mine in
my mouth.”Unexpectedly, I laugh. “At least it’s now clean,” I say. “Would you like some help getting it to
your face?”



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Welcome to Fan Fiction Friday! very Friday we will be featuring a FanFiction story that we think fans of the MATCHED trilogy will enjoy!

Today we are featuring Other by Speeder9319!

I was worried, you needed a category to be Sorted, and Sorted to be Matched. My mother told me I’d be put in the category “Other”. I didn’t like the sound of it. But who knew someone perfect for me would be an “Other”?

Have a MATCHED fanfic you like? Recommend it to us in the comments!

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It’s time to spread some love! Alexa at Alexa Loves Books is hosting the 2013 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon! We had the great chance to interview Daphne and Kristina from GonePecan, two great gals from southern Louisiana!

Our Interview with Daphne:

What do you think is hardest about blogging?
We only really answer to ourselves, so it’s hard to develop a discipline to read these books in a timely fashion and blog consistently, with a set schedule.  At least that’s my issue. Also, I’m not great at the social network thing.  I tend to find myself much funnier than other people do.
What book are you most looking forward to in 2013?
Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
If you could only read 3 books for the rest of your life, which 3 would you choose and why?
Where She Went by Gayle Forman,  Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins, and something by Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Mary Kay Andrews
If you could be any book character who would you choose to be and why?
Anne of Green Gables.  Her life was simple and before she met the Cuthberts, it was hard.  But she always had her imagination and she never let anything get her down.  I love Anne. She had love and friends and a purpose in live, she was brave and inventive and funny. Who wouldn’t want to be her?
If you could live in any book world, which would you choose and why?
Probably Harry Potter, but only if I could be a witch.
What has been your best book moment? 
“Meeting” my favorite authors, even if it’s just online, and having them respond to my reviews or simply having a conversation with them about random things.
What’s the best advice you can give to other book bloggers?  
I think the best blogs are run by people who do this for themselves, not to get anything out of it, not to impress anyone, but just because they enjoy reading and want to share that joy with others.  Do what you love, it’s true in life and it’s true with blogs

Our Interview with Kristina

How did you start blogging?
Daphne and I had been emailing back and forth (we used to work together and had known each other for a few years) talking about books.  She had started following several blogs and recommended them to me when I asked how she found some of her books.  Once I delved into the world of book blogs I knew we could do it and our blog was born!
What do you think is hardest about blogging?
Life getting in the way.  We are both huge readers so finding the time to read is a given but you don’t realize that blogging isn’t just about reading.  It’s about being social (something I lack from time to time due to work) with other bloggers, participating in tours, memes, and taking the time to write reviews.  Everything adds up fast but on what I consider a plus side I watch a lot less TV now.
What book are you most looking forward to in 2013?
Right now I have three must haves for 2013.  Requiem by Lauren Oliver, Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, and the final book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.  These three finish up series’ of epic greatness and  I expect nothing less than to be blown away by each of these.
If you could only read 3 books for the rest of your life, which 3 would you choose and why?
Three?!  So few. . . While I love all of the great series I will stick to standalones.  Attachments and Eleanor & Park both by Rainbow Rowell would be in this category.  There is just something about her writing that I’m in love with. My third book would have to be Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie.  I love to laugh.
If you could be any book character who would you choose to be and why?
Tris from Divergent.  I love that she doesn’t fall into the standard for a female MC in YA.  She’s strong, willing to work for what she wants, stand up for others, and doesn’t sit there and complain.
If you could live in any book world, which would you choose and why?
Tough one!  I absolutely love Under the Never Sky but I think that would come in second to The Mortal Instruments.  This would be the closest to our “normal” world and I would hope that if I was living in theirs I would have some sort of powers that I could see everything.
What’s the best advice you can give to other book bloggers?
Don’t give up.  It takes A LOT of work to get a decent following, to be trusted by publishers, to make friends with other bloggers (we’ve “met” some great ones!) and even though we’ve been here almost two years (WOW didn’t even think about that!) we are still learning every day.  Also, be nice to everyone.  You never know who will be a new friend and follower.
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mind games

Book Title: Mind Games

Author: Kiersten White

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Publisher: HarperTeen

Source: Publisher ARC

Fia was born with flawless instincts. Her first impulse, her gut feeling, is always exactly right. Her sister, Annie, is blind to the world around her—except when her mind is gripped by strange visions of the future.

Trapped in a school that uses girls with extraordinary powers as tools for corporate espionage, Annie and Fia are forced to choose over and over between using their abilities in twisted, unthinkable ways… or risking each other’s lives by refusing to obey.

In a stunning departure from her New York Times bestselling Paranormalcy trilogy, Kiersten White delivers a slick, edgy, heartstoppingly intense psychological thriller about two sisters determined to protect each other—no matter the cost.

I wanted to like this book. I really, really did. The cover was intriguing, the summary pulled me in, but from that point on, things fell pretty flat, pretty fast. Fia and Annie are sisters who go to live at a boarding school of sorts for kids with certain abilities after the death of their parents- the death that Annie saw in a vision. Oh yeah, and Annie happens to be blind.

Mind Games had its moments. As I was reading it, I felt compelled to picture it as a movie, and felt it would be one of those books that just makes it better as a movie. The plot progresses so quickly, but the chapters flip not only flip between character point of view, but also switches between points in time which makes it really awkward to follow along with what is going. It felt like every chapter I was trying to refocus through the storyline which was really distracting and pulled me away from what was going on.

Everything happened way, way too quick and I had way too many questions from what came across as an undeveloped plot. If it was one or two points, I think that would be alright, but it seemed like every chapter I read just left me more and more confused. What is the history of this school? Why did the Keane’s start it? Why do only girls have the powers? What about this other group? The characters didn’t really help out much either. They came across as pretty one dimensional, which wasn’t expected considering their unique abilities. And some just seemed completely unnecessary- like Annie’s friend Eden. I’m pretty sure you could delete all mentions of her, and it wouldn’t make too much of a difference save for Fia’s quasi romantic interest. And Fia’s nickname just felt weird and forced to me, jumping off the page erratically and disjointing the story for me.

Despite the issues I had with Mind Games, it was a quick read that I couldn’t put down. I kept reading hoping I could find a resolution to some of my previous issues, but it just never happened. I would read a sequel to this, to see where it’s going. 3/5 stars.


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Awesome news! Wednesday, February 27th from 8-9pm EST Ally Condie will be having another #AllyChat on twitter! Last time we got it trending with lots of great questions, can’t wait for this one too!