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Did you miss the chat with Ally Condie on twitter today? Ally had so many great questions and gave so many great answers! Have you wondered who her book character crush is? What she does when she gets writers block? Find out here!

@MiaMamone: Will Xander be playing a large role in Crossed?
Xander definitely has a role in Crossed. That’s all I dare say. Don’t want to be too spoiler-y.

@Booksatruestory: What other YA dystopian novels have influenced you (if any)? Giver by Lois Lowry reminds me of Matched. Have you read it?
I have! I loved it. But the two dystopian novels that have influenced me the most are 1984 and Fahrenheit 451.

@YABookQueen: Why did you decide to write in dual POV’s (Cassia and Ky) for Crossed?
There was really no other way to tell the story. And I feel like Crossed is Ky’s turn to tell what’s happened to him.

@JJiReads: How did you come up with the idea of The Society?
I built the Society around the Match Banquet. I thought, “What gov. would exist for a world like this to take place?

@peachandblue: Do you know how the series is gonna end?

@whoaaitskristi: Are there any scenes or characters that didn’t end up in published version of Matched? Anything you can share?
There are some scenes that were cut. All the characters stayed in. Will have to ask if I can share.

@beachtwin110: We just finished Fahrenheit 451 in Language Arts. What elements influenced you?
Mostly the creepy feel and the burning of books. The scene at the library in Matched is an homage to F451

@melissa1lbr: I’m wondering if we learn in Crossed how Ky’s image made it onto her screen 
I really really want to answer this but I think it might be too spoilery. Great question though!

@Yume_Kai: Was there an influence for the beautiful name Cassia?
My sister found the name for me. I love that it’s a botanical name and a name that’s classical but unusual.

@robbiebear03: Is the deal with some people being immune to the pill’s effects going to be explained soon?
I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see!

@youngbooklove: Who would be your crush, Xander or Ky?
Both. I based them both on my husband.

@JJiReads: do you think “matching” and “sorting” would be beneficial in some real life applications?
In a way, we’re already doing it with online dating etc. I think it could be beneficial in some ways but it’s still scary

@beachtwin110: how do you outline (if you do)? do you believe in writing chronologically or out of order?
I write out of order and I don’t outline, but that’s just what works for me

@nikkipickles45: What was your favorite part about writing Crossed?
I loved writing Ky’s voice/telling his story and the setting of #Crossed

@peachandblue: do you already have a title picked out for book three?
Not that I can share yet. But will post it when I do

@xoDori: Is there really going to be a MATCHED movie?
We’ll see! Disney has optioned the rights and hired screenwriters but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

@miamamone: Will there be another wise, thoughtful figure, someone like Cassia’s Grandfather, in Crossed?
Not so much. They are on their own a bit in this book.

@GSpiegelerbooks: what we can expect in the next book?
Two points of view, more action (of both varieties!)  and an awesome setting.

@Megzarooni: Who is your favourite charater(s) to write about?
I always liked Bram.  But Cassia’s voice is my fave to write in.

@XoDori: are you working on the 3rd book to the MATCHED series already?

@Raidswindmills: What part of the Society do you personally find most haunting?
All the stuff that Cassia doesn’t yet know. Where are the animals? Why can only certain people mate? etc.

@mientraslees: What do you know about the upcoming movie adaptation of your novel? Any news?
Nothing new yet!

@forsomebody: How do you organize all of the information for your novels? Do you have special notebooks, or do you just go with the flow?
I have a giant word document that I keep everything in. That’s it. Not very efficient, I know.

@XoDori: are you team Ky or team Xander? 
Team Both. I know it’s a copout but it’s true. I love them both.

@WeLoveDystopian:I have a fictional crush on Ky  I love that he is artsy. Do you have crushes on any fictional book characters?
YES. Atticus Finch.

@GopherLibrarian: What made you decide on 100 books, songs, etc. Do you actually have a list of what they are?
I don’t!Because the Society’s list would be different than mine and I think making their list would B tedious.

@YABookQueen: Which supporting/secondary character was your favorite to write in Matched or Crossed?
In Matched, it was Bram. In #Crossed, it’s a new character named Indie.

@EverafterEsther: I loved the 2 POVs in Crossed; I wonder if you found it hard to write switching from Cassia to Ky’s POV?
Sometimes! I found that I had to either write in Cassia’s voice or Ky’s on a given day to stay in the right mode.

@Mockingjaypin: How did you pick your character’s names?
I look for names that are classical &have meaning for what the characters will do in the story. Then tweak spelling.

@AnnaLindsey: Do you use any particular writing software to organize your thoughts, or do you go old school with pen and paper?
Pretty old school. I take lots of notes on post its and just write notes right in the document too.

@tarajan98: Where did you get the idea for the society controlling all aspects of peoples lives?
I’m a parent and I’d love to control my kids/keep them safe, but I know it would be toxic.

@peachandblue: what color do you hope the cover of book three will be?

@whoaaitskristi: What would you say came first for you: the storyline or the characters? Or some blend of both?
Both. I had the opening scene and Cassia come to me at the same time.

@beachtwin110: Thanks! I write out of order and was wondering if it might end up disorganized but yours is so polished! Helped a lot.
Well, I do have to go through it literally hundreds of times to get it that way. I’m a very sloppy drafter.

@xoDori: what inspired you to write MATCHED?
The short answer: my husband.

@melissa1lbr: I know you said Crossed has scenes set in S. Utah – any particular locations that make an appearance?
I based parts of the geography on Capitol Reef, Zion Natl Park, Bicknell Bottoms, slot canyons, & my yard growing up.

@xoDori: what’s your fave scene from MATCHED? 
I’ve always really liked the kiss.

@ShadowGirl_: When are we going to find out the title of book 3?
I honestly have no idea. But will post as SOON as I can!

@Megzaroonie: Where did you get the idea of having people only live to 80?
It’s when my own grandparents started to decline. It was really hard to watch.

@JJiReads: how do you feel abt the current trend of movies based on YA lit? Do you think it encourages teens to read more?
I think it’s really, really fun. And yes, I think its does encourage teens to read more.

@nikkipickles45: What is it like writing about a futuristic society?
VERY fun. I love making up the rules of the Society (even though I would never want to live there)!

@MelysahBunting: Is Cassia based on you? Were you to be Matched so to speak? A “based on a true story?”
She’s not based on me. But I did get to choose my own guy, I love to run, and I had really wonderful grandparents.

@YABookQueen: When it comes to characters, do you usually know their names first or their personalities?
Personalities. I don’t know why that is.

@WeLoveDystopian: I loved seeing the poems/quotes throughout Matched. Will you continue using these in Crossed & book three?
Yes! Some of the same poems, and some new. And paintings play a big role in this one.

@forsomebody: Will the love triangle between Cassia, Xander, and Ky continue throughout the rest of the trilogy?
Yes, it will.

@vbartles: Are any of your characters based on people you know in real life?
Sometimes. The character Vick in #Crossed is based on a mashup of my brother and brother-in-law.

@xoDori: is there a playlist you made to help inspire certain parts of MATCHED/CROSSED?
Yes! The #matched playlist is on my website and I’ve started posting some of the #crossed songs on my blog too

@GSpiegelerBooks: what inspired you to write about dystopia?
I had the idea for the Banquet and I knew that it would have to take place in a dystopian society.

@xoDori: what do you do when you have writers block?
I go for a run or play with my kids or read something else (usually British murder mysteries)

@miamamone: Did any of your own children inspire Bram’s character, or others in Crossed?
Not really. My kids are all younger than Bram. But maybe they will grow up to be like him!

@danica_page: What was the most rewarding part of writing Matched?
Writing the ending.At that point I had no idea who would ever read it,but I felt happy I saw it through to the finish

@Emwatkins: When you first starting writing this trilogy, did you already have most events planned and what was going to happen in each book?
Not when I started writing! I was just playing and having fun and writing one book. I thought.

@peachandblue: do you listen to music or something when you write?
I like it quiet when I write, but I listen to music when I revise.

@Megzarooni: lf you lived in the Society what would your artifact and banquet dress be?
I’d pick my engagement ring and my dress would be blue.

@xoDori: were the characters inspired somewhat by people you actually know?
Some are. Like Vick in #Crossed and #Grandfather in #Matched !

@EverafterEsther: any reason you picked a green dress for Cassia to wear to her Matched banquet?
I thought it was a color not everyone picked. And I like the symbolism of green & it ties to the tablet.

@whoaaitskristi: Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
Keep going. Give yourself time to get good. And write what you care about most.

@aliciaisakimi: Why did you choose blue for the cover of crossed?
You’ll see.  And it has something to do with the tablet, and with water and rivers…

@DeathStarPsycho: When trying to get your 1st book published, did you get rejected? If so, how many times?
Yes, it was rejected dozens of times. I just liked writing too much to give up.

@xoDori: how did you come with the names Cassia, Ky and Xander?
I loved their meanings and the classical but modern feel of the names.

@CaryCheyenneXO: Who’s your favorite character that you’ve written? 
I really like Ky, Cassia, and Xander, but have found myself very intrigued by Indie. I never know what she’ll do.

@Nikkipickles45: What was your inspiration behind Matched? Where did you get the ideas for the book?
Long answer on my website. Short answer: my husband.

@miamamone: Have you read Delirium? I feel like that world is a crossover between Matched and The Hunger Games.
Haven’t read Delirium, but read Oliver’s Before I Fall and LOVED it

@MelysahBunting: If you could be Matched to a celebrity, who’d it be?
Ooh. I think Jake Gyllenhaal. He has those really sweet, sad eyes

@xoDori: how is there going to be a cliff hanger ending in CROSSED? 
Yes and no. I think there’s a strong sense of arrival, but everything isn’t tied up yet–we have another book to go!

@paperreader: Does the Enemy have something to do with pre-Society, or is the Enemy just that – an antagonistic group? 
I can’t tell you too much without being spoilery, but you will learn more and more about the Enemy as we go on

@nikkipickles45: Who is your favorite character and why?
I like Cassia. Because she’s just a normal girl making really brave decisions in kind of a quiet way.

@GSpiegelerBooks: Where do you get names for your characters? That would help me a lot!
I just think of them–or I look in baby name books. I love baby name books.

@WeLoveDystopian: Am I right in thinking the Society has ulterior motives for collecting samples for the Biol.Preservation Dept?
Yes, yes you just might be

@jenni_elyse: Do you have any plans for future series or books once Matched is complete? If so, can you tell us a little about them?
I have so many ideas for things I’d like to write next. I can’t wait! But I can’t tell you much about them yet.

@GopherLibrarian: I think reading dystopia can be like learning from your mistakes before they’re actually made
That is so true. And it’s a much more comfortable way to learn.

@aliciasakimi: Out of all the genres out there why did you chose to write dystopian?
It was the only one that fit the story I wanted to tell in the way I wanted to tell it. Hope that makes sense.

@melissa1lbr: Any particularly trends in our society that have you thinking we’re headed for a dystopian future of some sort?
Sometimes I get kind of freaked out by how much info random people have about our lives.

@JJiReads: did you always know Matched was going to be a trilogy, since you thought up the idea of the book?
Nope! I started it as a stand-alone. But by the time I finished it I thought, “There’s more here.”

@peachandblue: are you working on anything after the Matched trilogy?
Yes, but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet.

@Megzarooni: I love the idea of the three tablets! How did you come up with them and did they originally do what they do now?
The tablets surprised me. I was writing along and then they just sort of popped up in her compact.

@xoDori: do you have a preferred snack to eat while writing like other authors do?
Fernwood Mint Sandwiches. They seem to be only available here in Utah. I LOVE THEM.

@nikkipickles45: Did anyone inspire Cassia’s character?
Not anyone in particular, but I’ve always admired those quiet strong women who just do what’s right.

@xoDori: When writing MATCHED did you know you wanted the main character to have a love triangle dilemma?
No I didn’t.That actually came rather late in the game.At first I thought Xander was just a friend. But then he loved her!

@EverafterEsther: you probably can’t answer this yet  but does Cassia ever take the red tablet? (not whether it works on her or not)
I’m so sorry but I can’t answer. Great question though.

@xoDori: would you ever do a novel with a diff POV? Like a novel of how Ky or Xander felt? Or Grandfather before he died?
Yes, I would. And it’s called #Crossed.

@MelysahBunting: What was your inspiration for the location of Oria and other Provinces, or did you just imagine them up?
I think of Oria as kind of midwest-y. If you look at the names of the Provinces, you can get a hint.

@whoaaitskristi: If you had to work out the details for an entire novel, which would you choose to help: post-its or flash cards?
I love the stickiness of post its. You can put them anywhere!

@GSpiegelerBooks: Any advice for young writers?
Yes! Keep writing, every day if you can. Lead a life that is interesting to you.

@Megzarooni: What is your most memorable experience as an author?
A former student of mine found out I was an author and wrote me the nicest e-mail ever. That was a great one

@MLitteral: what are you hoping people will like about the next book
I hope they like hearing Ky’s story. I hope they like seeing Cassia grow and change.

@nikkipickles45: If there was one thing you could change about Matched, something you didn’t want to happen but did, what would it be?
I was really sad when they took the artifacts away.

@xoDori: are you doing a book tour for CROSSED? 
Yes! Details are over at my website.

@GSpiegelerBooks:when you write you hear your characters voice?
Yes I do! And it’s like I’m there watching what they do.

@DeathStarPsycho: Do you use paper or a computer to write
Both! I draft on the computer, and take notes on paper.

@JJiReads: do you have any actors in mind you’d like to play Cassia and Ky?
Not really. I’m too old! I’m 33 so I can think of people to play the parents.

@ShadowGirl_: Will we learn more about Ky’s mysterious background in #Crossed?

@elaraesque: Has the Society found a way to control the weather yet? What exactly don’t they have control of yet?
They definitely cannot control the weather, or the natural environment. Great question!

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