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Want to throw a MATCHED themed party for a book club, library, birthday party or a Crossed book release party? Here are some great ideas to help plan the perfect party!

The official MATCHED site has a great new party guide here

For a Matched party you can plan the event as casual or elaborate as you see fit for your group. You could come up with a theme such as turning your party into a Match Banquet, or just have something more low key.

  • Throw a Match  Banquet of your own! You can use the official Match application on facebook here. Alternately you could have those that want to participate put their names in a hat. A dedicated “Matched Official” for the party can draw the names and present the matches to everyone at the event!


In keeping with a MATCHED theme you could decorate with a green theme. If you are hosting a Crossed book release party you can use the brilliant blue from the cover, or use both! Tablecloths, napkins, plates, balloons, streamers can give your party space a Matched aura.

You can carve your own rubber stamp like the one above, or you can print stickers or temporary tattoos from your home computer to “stamp” on hands as people enter. Want to make a stamp like this? Here’s a tutorial to show you how: Carve your own stamp. Don’t want to carve your own? Stay tuned, we will be giving the one above away soon!


Get out your crafty side and have fun with these! You can make invitations that make the guest feel like they would be attending a real Match Banquet, or make it less formal and just use a color scheme similar to the books.

You can use rubber stamps, ribbons, stickers, glitter, anything!


There are a couple of MATCHED themed games you can have to give your guests a chance to win prizes

  • Prisoner’s Dilemma: You can create a Gaming Center area where guests can play the popular game from MATCHED Prisoner’s Dilemma. For game instructions, visit our wiki  for more information here
  • Guess the Artifact: Ask each guest to bring an artifact with them that will be discreetly placed on a flat surface when none of the other guests see. Then, everyone will guess which artifact is whose. The person who gets the most correct guesses wins a prize!
  • Matched Trivia: You can use facts from the Matched Facts tumblr or our MATCHED wiki to create a trivia style game where fans can compete in teams for prizes


In the Society, food is prepared by nutrition specialists and sent in foilware containers via a nutrition vehicle which delivers food to the citizens.  For your party you can try a couple of different ways of presenting food in a Matched way!

    • Foil Cupcake Containers: With this idea, you can make single serve foilware containers for each of your guests. This may work better for smaller groups as the containers can get pricey, but it gives a neat Society-like effect! You can fill them with small treats or healthy snacks like fruit, granola bars and crackers. Remember healthy eating is important to citizens of the Society!
    • Larger Foil containers: These can be used to serve larger dishes which may be better for larger groups of people. Try fruit salads, vegetables with dips, cheese and crackers, or even meals like lasagna, pasta salads and more!
    • Pie: You can serve up Grandfathers dessert

Party Favors

In keeping with a Matched trilogy theme you could give away little treat packages with candies in the color of the pills that is distributed in the Society.

Do you want to do something more? Like Cassia had in the book, you could make a pill box container with the book cover image on the front! This is a fun DIY project that you can do before the party, or even have guests make their own at the party. You can buy a pillbox like the one we used above in a quantity of one, five or ten. To make these, you just need to print the image that you like, adhere the epoxy sticker to the top of the image, then use a craft glue to glue the image to the top of the pillbox. Once it is dry you can fill it with red, green and blue candies to symbolize the pills.

Stay tuned to hear how you can win the pill container and rubber stamp listed above!

Do you have an idea that isn’t listed here? Share your party ideas in the comments

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Marco on 2-24-2012 at 5:31 am

Okay, so I liked MATCHED (3/5), but for some rosaen I had a couple issues with it. I was hoping CROSSED was going to rock my socks off because we’d gotten through the whole “the government is good…no wait, the government is bad” thing in the beginning. Is CROSSED better than MATCHED? Is it more action packed? I’m still going to read it, but it’s always nice to get my expectations running. LOL! *hugs* Thanks chicka!


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